My wide skill set enables me to specialise in providing ad hoc support in a number of areas, including:


Admin and Inbox Management

Did you know, it takes 23 minutes to get back into something after a distraction and email is one of the biggest distractions.

Plus, if you’ve ever tried to book a meeting while doing all your other important work you’ll know how much time that can take out of your day too.

Here’s what I can help with.

Checking twice a day Monday to Friday (exc bank holidays)

£550 a month

Social Media Support

If you put it out there we’ll keep on top of it.

You’re in the best position to know what your audience want to read, what gets the best engagement and what helps to drive sales and enquiries to your website but you need someone to respond to the comments on your posts (in a non robotic manner), someone to field the inbox enquiries, someone to approve all those connection requests and send personalised requests to your target audience too.

You’ve not got time for that, that doesn’t need your time.

If you outsource those bits you’re free to think of more stellar content, more time to work with your high paying clients.

Let us do this:

This service is available five days a week.

£500 a month